What is your plan “B” if the power or communication grid goes “down” out of service for more than a few hours ?

Human nature is such that we usually avoid thinking about or taking action to prepare for unpleasant events until problem arrives.  This is fine on a small scale.  For example we don’t read the owners manual in our cars (many people – not all) until we have a problem; or we notice the an unusual noise our refrigerator (substitute); washing machine, lawn mower or hair dryer until the noise becomes a “problem” and the device no longer works.

The same occurs in government and business – however when government fails to plan or the owners/managers of a high rise residential building fail to plan for emergencies many people are inconvenienced or lives are put at risk.  Emergency planning is an essential part of good government and managing privately owned multi family high rise buildings.

The U.S. Government and the State of Illinois have guidelines and requirements for emergency planning which include taking action in advance of a natural disaster or power outage or other catastrophic event so that residents of high rise multi-family building (rental or condo) have management plans and support in place 24 x 7 from building management / ownership and the local authorities to safely address foreseeable weather; fire and power outages.

If you live in a high rise apartment or condo building that does not have a Emergency Plan; 24 x 7 assigned and on site personnel to assist you and other residents in the case of a fire; weather emergency or power outage – you should consider immediately contacting your building management; your local city of village government and the State of Illinois Department of Emergency Management to see what can be done to put the necessary emergency plans and personnel in place before the next emergency or power outage occurs.

If you are interested in forming an ad hoc citizens group to get this process going in the area where you reside please feel free to call me for assistance.

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